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Slings and Arrows [The Ninth Doctor & Irene Adler]

Mingling with the blue bloods usually excited Irene Adler; tonight she was bored. Her contact was well over an hour late and she really couldn’t leave without getting the information her employer requested. He had gone up to the offices above the ballroom to retrieve some computer files, he never met her for the hand off and she was starting to worry. His fuck up would still cost her, dearly. At least this time it was fiscal and not her head, she could handle that. Somehow she needed to return to the world of BDSM and stay out of the secrets race (though it was infinitely more interesting to her).

Watching the old and near to dead waltz with flabby wrinkled skin wrapped in sapphires and diamonds made Irene contemptuous. Though she did covet a spectacular set of sapphires and wondered if she could someone seduce them off the woman in question.

She would give this idiot another hour before she returned the half million pounds and call it a night. She had a couple of movies she had planned on curling up with instead of this shindig anyway. Elizabeth, Shakespeare in Love and Othello. She was a Elizabethan mood, hence the heavily brocaded blue dress she wore. It was still modern but looked like she could be stepping out of a royal court or something.

Grabbing another flute of champagne she began the countdown to her departure. 

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